Z Aim Pro Stalker Rifle Sling

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The  Z-aim™ Pro Stalker sets a new standard in how a gun sling should be put together. The unique design gives the hunter a number of benefits, compared to traditional single or double gun slings.


When carrying your rifle with Z-aim™ Pro Stalker in rough terrain you will feel the difference to a traditional gun sling, it’s extremely comfortable and makes the rifle so secure that you probably will forget that you even have it on your back!


The sling offers a quick-adjustable system for shoulder carry or offhand shooting. The non-slip grippers secure your weapon tightly to your shoulder, regardless of the synthetic material of your outer clothing.


Z-aim™ Pro Stalker is the only gun sling on the market which has solved the problem of carrying a backpack and a slung rifle at the same time.


With Z-aim™ Pro Stalker there are no longer any problems with the gun sling constantly slipping off your shoulder.


With the Z-aim™ Pro Stalker you always have both hands free, which makes it the optimal choice whenever carrying a rifle. It is easy to use and you are just one simple handgrip away from aiming and firing.


Z-aim™ has thought of it all! You can easily transform Z-aim™ Pro Stalker to a traditional single gun sling, and the side strap with free extra attachment can be used to carry home your deer after a successful shot.


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