Ultra-lite Hide Poles - Twist-Lok - Set of 4

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We believe we have produced the first "problem-free" pigeon hide poles available with this product.

We tested every other pole we could find, usually to destruction, and then set about designing in the best features, and designing out the worst!

The result is an all aluminium pole of high strength and extreme lightness.

The kicker plates are made from solid aluminium so they will never break or bend unlike plastic or welded steel plates.

No thumbscrews to snag your netting.

The hooks will securely hold any net, and are brass riveted onto the inner tube to prevent them falling off and becoming lost (a major failing of some hide poles).

The locking collar offers massive security by gripping the entire pole, not just one spot as found when using the usual thumbscrew types. This means the collar simply needs a quick twist and the pole is locked securely all day, even with soaking wet ex-army nets. Guaranteed not to slip!

Olive Green powder coated and extends from 44" to 76".

Exclusive to Hunting Solutions.

Extra poles available at £10 each, please call us.

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