Knobloch Bipod Shooting Sticks

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The Original, German quality Knobloch Bipod SpeedLock Shooting Stick-produced byLEKI®. Great advantage is the lateral stability, which provides you with a safe shot at long distances.

The bipod has a weight of only 630 gramme and a length from 85 to 187 cm (telescopic). Transport length 69 cm.

High-Tech with 2017 LEKI SPEED LOCK 2 External Adjustment System World Patent.

It is equipped with a rubber grip, a cordura cross tape for gun-support and a cross stability. Alternatively,  the Bipod Shooting Stick ex cross tape - the gun is then supported by the rubber gun-support.

Famous throughout the deer stalking world, especially in woodland for roe, these are recognised as being of the finest quality.

With the SpeedLock2LEKI sets new standards in locking forces for poles with similar external locking 
feature throughout the international market. The TÜV standard of 60 kg is exceeded by far. 
A safety reserve, which can safe lives. The locking force can be readjusted at any time. 

Highest locking force of all external adjustment systems available on the market for extra safety 

Extremely fast adjustment and fixing even whilst wearing thick gloves in rain, ice and snow 

Simple and easy to use mechanism 

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