Corvid Control

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Crow Pro Pack
Get ready to do some serious damage to your local crow population! The pack includes the foll..
Eurasian Eagle Owl Decoy
The classic combination when used with crow/magpie decoys. A duckling or dead pigeon placed at it..
Flocked Magpie Decoy
A great piece of shooting equipment when used with a call and an owl decoy or dead rabbit, also usef..
Flocked Shell Crow Decoy with Spring Peg
Flocked Shell Crow Decoy Complete With Spring Stick For Extra Realistic Movement. Lightweight And..
Full Bodied Flocked Crow Decoy
Our flocked full bodied crow decoys are almost the most realistic available Finished in a rich bl..
Larsen Crow and Magpie Trap
These Larsen traps have three compartments, one slightly larger than the others, and this larger com..
Lofting Poles - Set of Six
These high quality, powder coated all aluminium lofting poles are ideal for pigeon shooting. Also..
Nordik Crow Call
Universally recognised as the best mouth blown crow call on the market. This version has been han..
Pop Up Dome Hide - 2/3 Man
Superb as an instant 'doe box' for deer stalking! •Ideal for nature observation. ..
Pop Up Single Hide Complete with Chair
Perfect for pigeon shooting - the only pop up hide that allows you to use a shotgun and be able to s..
Primos Power Crow Call
One of the best known crow callers from one of the best known makers! The Primos Power Crow calle..
Primos Wind Checker Powder
A vital tool for the deer stalker! Using this wind direction checker, you are able to detect even..