Pest Control

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12G Alarm Mine
  A fantastic little device for keeping your release pens, kennels, trail cameras and farm b..
14" Rat Trap
Live catch cage. Baithook/treadle and with secondary entrance at rear. Size: 360 x 130 x 200mm. ..
Fox Trap
This is a traditional device for the humane trapping of foxes or similar sized pests. Bait is placed..
Larsen Crow and Magpie Trap
These Larsen traps have three compartments, one slightly larger than the others, and this larger com..
Lofting Poles - Set of Six
These high quality, powder coated all aluminium lofting poles are ideal for pigeon shooting. Also..
Mink/Squirrel Cage Trap
Single live catch cage. Treadle release spring loaded locking bar to prevent escape. Size: 580 x ..
Monarch Rat Trap
Live multi-catch cage trap with one way entrance and self resetting door into retention area. Siz..
Nordik Pre-Tuned Predator Call
Nordik Pre-tuned Is specially developed to meet the demands of calling predators under Nordi..
Primos Fox Stalking Kit
Primos Fox Stalking Kit.  A single box kit containing Raspy Coaxer call, Wind Checker and a ..
Primos Power Crow Call
One of the best known crow callers from one of the best known makers! The Primos Power Crow calle..
SN7263 Fox Snares - Pack of 10
Springer MK4 Rat/Squirrel Trap
Ideal for rats, squirrels, stoats and weasels when used as a tunnel trap. ..
Springer Mk6 Mink and Rabbit Trap
Ideal for use as a large tunnel trap for mink and rabbits. ..