Calls and Calling

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Buttolo Roe Deer Call
Take the rubber ball in your hand so that the thumb lies in the middle of the top. A slight pres..
Canada Hammer Goose Call
One of the best sounding Canada goose calls on the market. Made from polycarb and hand tuned at t..
Dave Jackson Greylag Goose Call
Made by Dave Jackson Calls, and finished in quality wood, tuned to a high standard. This hand mad..
Dave Jackson Pinkfoot Goose Call
A top of the range, hand made quality wooden call for the dedicated wildfowling enthusiast. Excel..
Greylag Ghost Goose Call
 Greylag Hammer Goose Call Short Reed style Polycarbonate Construction Works grea..
Greylag Hammer Goose Call
The Greylag Hammer Goose Call is probably the finest greylag call on the market at this time. Mad..
Helen Baud Mouse Squeaker
Great little wood and metal call for luring those difficult foxes into shootable range. ..
Helen Baud Widgeon Call
Great quality and value widgeon call. Contructed from metal and wood for a lifelike widgeon sound. ..
Nordik 'Plain Pain' Fox Caller
The Nordik Plain Pain is a mouth call that is easy to blow, without using your hands. ..
Nordik Crow Call
Universally recognised as the best mouth blown crow call on the market. This version has been han..
Nordik Crying Lamb Call
Possibly the BEST caller to use to attract foxes in areas where sheep and lambs need to be protected..
Nordik Pre-Tuned Predator Call
Nordik Pre-tuned Is specially developed to meet the demands of calling predators under Nordi..
Nordik Roe Call
The pocket sized Nordik Roe Call is developed specially for calling Roebuck. It is pre-tuned for all..
Nordik Sika/Red Deer Call
Nordik Sika is especially developed to imitate the call of a sika stag in rut. For calling sika ..
Pinkfoot Hammer Goose Call
The Pinkfoot Hammer Goose Call is probably the finest pinkfooted goose call on the market ..
Primos Fox Stalking Kit
Primos Fox Stalking Kit.  A single box kit containing Raspy Coaxer call, Wind Checker and a ..
Primos Mouse Squeeze Call
Ideal for making the soft, low rodent calls which are so attractive to foxes. ..
Primos Power Crow Call
One of the best known crow callers from one of the best known makers! The Primos Power Crow calle..
Primos Still Mouse Squeaker
The Still™ Mouse Squeaker is great for attracting predators close because it reproduces the so..
Shaker Scotch Duck Call
Shaker Scotch Duck Call This is a unique hardwood call. With this bellows type call you can learn t..